Police Department Articles

For many years, the focus of city government on its police department had to do with bricks and mortar, on giving the Chief Sienkowicz and his rank and file a decent modern police station.  Now we have a castle, but we have had scandals, and millions in training money going down the drain when new officers leave.


Best and Brightest, Part One    Hearing rumors from the rank and file that many highly trained police officers were leaving, I made my first stab at finding out what was going on.


Come Home Son, all is forgiven   Where the officers are going and why, and the Scott Savino/Maryanne Keating scandal breaks.


Scott Savino on Linked-In   Before he took them down, Scott Savino and Maryanne Keating were posting on the popular job-hunting social website.  Here are the postings.


Explosion!  The comment section of Kirbyontheloose erupts, with many anonymous respondents, some of them obviously police, vent on their departmental problems  Posted January 1, 2014 


Link to police department settlement with Keating


Power in a Small Town   A somewhat gloomy piece  about the police department written about 5 years ago