Stories on Northampton fires and the Fire Department

The first fire story I did was the Shepherds Hollow fire that destroyed a house up in Leeds in April of 2008.  It was an eye-opening experience, and has lead to other stories. 


Shepherd's Hollow Fire

How a Leeds House burned to the ground, and the NFD never pumped from the swimming pools in the neighborhood


The First Meadowbrook Fire, where Northampton firemen had to stand around and watch a building burn down. Published in April of 2009


Conflict of Interest   During the years 2006 to 2012, Chief Duggan did a lot of work for other communities in five New England states. He worked for, and had an  interest in Municipal Resources Inc (MRI) by means of a merger between Brian Duggan LLC and MRI, and headed up a team of people that evaluated fire department operations in many towns and cities.  The peculiar structure of our department, which delegates extensive responsibilities to Deputy Chiefs, made it possible to do a lot of his work out of his home and on the road. 

The Westhampton connection and our sky-high ambulance rates     Why an emergency trip to the hospital costs so much more in Northampton.  Notes on Brian Duggan's lifestyle and where the top leadership of the NFD live.